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About Kinka-Saba

Kinkasan - Where two currents collide to create the perfect fishing ground

Out of all the mackerel caught at the height of the season, it is only the most succulent that are classed as "Kinka-saba".
The Kinka-saba that swim in the Oyashio and Kuroshio currents off the coast of Kinkasan Island have a firmer texture, a less distinctive smell and a richer flavor.
Compared to other domestically caught mackerel, those caught around Kinkasan Island have a much higher fat content, and it is this balance that gives Kinka-saba that rich and unforgettable flavor unique to the region.

Our Rice

Sasanishiki rice from Miyagi Prefecture

The Sasanishiki rice produced in Miyagi Prefecture has been carefully chosen as the perfect compliment for our Kinka-saba.
Our oshi-sushi or "pressed sushi" techniques are authentic to those learnt from a long-established store in Kyoto, the home of oshi-sushi.
Using a variety of vinegars we have created an original blend that retains the firm texture and enhances the rich flavor of the Kinka-saba.

Our Technique

Preserving that “freshly caught” quality for an enhanced flavor

Our Kinka-saba sushi is produced using original techniques to retain that delicious “freshly caught” quality and enhance the flavor of the mackerel itself.
Our sushi is frozen using a specialist rapid refrigeration process that makes it even easier to defrost.

About Us

M. Corporation Ltd.

Business Details:
Manufacturing, retail and restaurant services related to bo-sushi (rod-shaped sushi topped with mackerel)
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Sendai Farmers Market Morinoichiba

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