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Ouha's Attention to Quality

  • Extremely Fresh

    We currently specialize in fresh, sashimi-grade seafood. By ordering from us, customers are able to provide such well-known Japanese dishes as sashimi and seafood at the highest possible degree of freshness. *We handle a wide variety of non-seafood products, as well. Please ask for a catalog.
  • Competitive Products

    Customers can design highly competitive menus due to the fact that we introduce food products that have strong roots in their local region and are not well known even in other parts of Japan.
  • Ease of Handling

    We package our products so that even a chef who has never laid eyes on the food can easily incorporate it into their menu – ingredients that require little preparation, for example. Because the ingredients are of very high quality, they can be thoroughly enjoyed even when cooked very simply; this is one of the reasons for the popularity of our products.
    Improper handling can also pose a risk when dealing with unknown products, but as our foods are packaged in small quantities, they are easier to use at their destination according to local needs.
  • Efficient Sales Methods

    We also share sample dishes that use the food products, create effective in-shop displays, and provide other information and advice to market the products.

Example of Previously Exported Merchandise

Hoya (Sea Squirt)

HoyaHoya are cleaned and quick-frozen

Also known as sea pineapple, this is a rare food not well known even in Western Japan. Known as the "king of delicacies," some people consider hoya the perfect accompaniment to sake. Because the hoya are cleaned and quick-frozen the day they are caught, they retain their freshly-caught taste. You can simply defrost the unopened bag under running water, slice, and enjoy as hoya sashimi.

From our Customers

Japanese restaurant located abroad:

"I can create new dishes not offered by other restaurants." "By selling it as an accompaniment to sake, sake sales have also increased."

Restaurant patron (Japanese national):

"It's hard to get hoya this delicious even in Japan, so it's amazing that I can eat it abroad!"


Exports to Thailand We export food products to the Kingdom of Thailand, one of the central ASEAN countries, where it is bought mainly by department stores and Japanese restaurants.
We plan to expand our export business, with a focus on Asian markets.


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